How to Buy and get Free Crypto Currency, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum

This is just a quick post to allow users to get into the cryptocurrency market ASAP as the prices have risen to ridiculous amounts. Using this link will entitle you to $10 free at Coinbase. It's as simple as that. Go to Coinbase and sign up then buy away, you have the option of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum at the moment with more sure to be available soon.
Once you have this then the possibilties are endless. You could alway take a look at my other post on how to trade on Poloniex here. On this exchange you are able to buy hundreds of coins, including Golem, XRP, Siacoin etc...


  • Yes it is safe but not recommended to leave your coins on Coinbase, look at Exodus or a hardware wallet like, Nano S.
  • You can buy less than one coin, you could invest £5 a week if you wanted
  • You can always get free bitcoins by answering Captchas at this site