PHP unit Globally with Xampp and Windows

To use PHP Unit globally and with XAMPP and Windows follow this.
Using Git bash run
composer global require "phpunit/phpunit=4.1.*"
then run
phpunit --version
to check its installed.
Download to a new folder in C:/xampp/phpunit PHP Unit with the command
composer require --dev phpunit/phpunit ^5
In your website directory create a folder called tests. In here create a file called StackTest.php and add this code
use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;

class StackTest extends TestCase
public function testPushAndPop()
$stack = [];
$this->assertEquals(0, count($stack));

array_push($stack, 'foo');
$this->assertEquals('foo', $stack[count($stack)-1]);
$this->assertEquals(1, count($stack));

$this->assertEquals('foo', array_pop($stack));
$this->assertEquals(0, count($stack));
Globally you can now run
phpunit --bootstrap C:/xampp/phpunit/vendor/autoload.php StackTest.php
to run your tests.