Where to keep my TRX and make money off the storage

The great thing about Tron (TRX) is you can make money off storage, how you I make money off this storage? Making money off storing tron is simple. You can make a good return by freezing your Tron (TRX) by following this simple guide.

Firstly you will need some TRX. This can easily be bought by getting some Bitcoin from Coinbase (use this link for $10 free).

Transfer your newly bought Bitcoin to Binance and on here you can use the exchange to buy Tron (TRX).

Pick a wallet from Pick a wallet from here so you know it's trustworthy Tron Network or use Tron Scan which is what I use. Once you have transfeered to Tron Scan then near the bottom click freeze under the TRON Power Heading and freeze for power.
At the top click votes tab, start voting button. Click the pluses on a network and then submit. Tron has about a 6% ROI right now which is pretty decent all things considered.